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Mowing & Trimming Services

We offer customized lawn mowing and maintenance services that fit the needs of your landscape.  Our precision mowing and curb edging will give your lawn a sharp, crisp appearance, blown free of grass clippings and debris. We mow most of our lawns on a weekly basis, and provide biweekly mowing services for yards that do not require weekly mowing. Our mowing services generally occur from mid to late April through the end of October. Our lawn mower blades are sharpened daily. Mowing height is generally set at three inches, but is adjusted depending on the time of year, weather, growing conditions, and customer preference.

Blow & Trim
and Curb Edging.

Turf grass is mowed evenly, we line trim areas not reached by the mowers, and blow off all walks and drives to maintain a very neat appearance. At All Star Turf Management we mow the turf so that the grass clippings are returned or recycled back into the yard. We will leave no clumps of grass in the turf. At All Star Turf Management we provide mechanical edging along driveways, sidewalks, and curbs. For those landscape beds without plastic, steel, or aluminum edging installed, we can keep it maintained with our mechanical edgers.

Our Commitment.

We know that our work is on display everyday for all to see. This makes us extremely critical about the quality of work that we perform. If you don’t look good, then we don’t look good. Our goal is to make your lawn beautiful and something we will both be proud of.


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