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Grubs are sneaky. There’s no way to tell when they invade your lawn, because they do their dirty work underground where you can’t see them. Your lawn can look fine on top, while grubs are eating away at the roots, cutting off the supply of water and nutrients to your grass plants. The visual warning of brown grass patches can be too late. Infested lawn areas often turn yellow and then brown after the damage is already done. In severe infestations, your sod can often be peeled back like a carpet. Unfortunately, the entire lawn may then have to be replaced.

How It Works.

In early spring mature grubs awaken from hibernation and begin to work their way up from deep in the soil to just below the grass surface. In late spring, these grubs change into a pupae stage before turning into beetles that later feed on roses and other shrubs and trees in your landscape. In summer, beetles burrow into the lawn and lay eggs that will hatch into grubs. In late summer and early fall, newly hatched grubs feed heavily on your grass roots before hibernating for winter. It is during this time that young grubs do the most lawn damage as they gorge themselves prior to hibernation.

Season Long
Grub Protection.

The good news is that you can kill grubs before they destroy your lawn. You can easily protect your lawn investment with a single application of All Star Turf Management’s Grub Control application, which provides season-long protection. All Star Turf Management will apply a granular application in late June to early July prior to the time when adult beetles lay eggs in your lawn. The grub control protection kills newly hatched grubs before they get large enough to damage your lawn. This granular application doesn’t harm earthworms, which are so beneficial to your soil. Even though you rid your lawn of grubs, you may still get the occasional mole in your lawn feasting on any earthworms living in your soil. One last tip… Be sure to water your lawn after the application.


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