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You can’t know the condition of your lawn without knowing the condition of the soil. A soil test will help determine what minerals are present and which ones are low or missing, what ratios they are in to each other, what the soil’s pH level is, and what kinds of microorganisms are present. All of these measurements will help your technician determine just what your lawn needs. Note: Soil testing is included with our All Star Premium Lawn Care Program and is available for an additional charge with all other programs.

Quality Work,

Unmatched Results.

At All Star Turf Management we believe in quality work with unmatched results.  We use the best slow release granular fertilizers and top of the line liquid weed control that offer tried and true results.  After years in the business of making lawns something we can be proud of, we have learned how to achieve the desired results. We offer up to five treatments each year of fertilizer, often with added herbicides, pesticides or minerals that benefit your lawn.  Our treatments are designed to help your lawn be healthy in the swings of Indiana weather.

Pre-Emergent, Herbicides & Fertilizer.

We use pre-emergent herbicides in combination with fertilizer early in the year to help prevent tougher to control weeds later in the season.  Weeds such as crabgrass and foxtail are greatly reduced if not eliminated, while giving your lawn some nutrients to kick start the year. In addition throughout the growing season we eliminate weeds with the use of a liquid weed control sprayed on your lawn to make sure we take care of any broadleaf weeds like dandelions, clover and chickweed. Contact us to help set up a program that fits your desires and budget!


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