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At All Star Turf Management we are committed to providing our respected customers with the highest quality service. We pride ourselves on our unmatched customer satisfaction. There is no reason to settle for lawn care results or services that are less than you deserve! With All Star Turf Management, you will always receive the highest quality materials applied by trained, certified and courteous lawn technicians.

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The best choice for the lawn you really want!


Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water & nutrients to penetrate the grassroots.


Our All Star treatment and fertilizer services are designed to keep any property looking its best.

Grub Control

There’s no way to tell when they invade your lawn because they do their dirty work underground.

Pest Control

Don’t you just hate to see bugs? Our Perimeter Pest Control Service helps to keep those dreaded creepy crawlies on the outside.


Our precision mowing and curb edging will give your lawn a sharp, and crisp appearance.


Creating an attractive garden or landscape often requires more than just lawn mowing alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to hire a professional lawn care company?

Our ability to share our knowledge. We can tell you whether or not the problem with your lawn is caused by disease, insects, mower blade sharpness or something as simple as a lack of water.  Through the years we have seen many things that could be a challenge for many homeowners to tackle on their own. When you hire AllStar Turf Management, you get licensed and trained professionals, and that is not the case when purchase off the shelf. We pride ourselves on offering customers the highest service, because we know we are applying the correct amount of the best products at the desired time, and do-it-yourselfers can’t be sure of that. We will strive to make sure the lawn meets your satisfaction.

Are the products that you use the same as the ones I could buy myself?

There are some good over-the-counter products, and you could probably do half of what we do similarly yourself. We do have some “professional use only” products that you would not have access to. These products help with some of the more difficult-to-control weeds, or they deliver longer residual control than what is available to unlicensed individuals. This issue goes back to the previous question – putting down the right product at the correct rate. You may have access to the right product, but that depends on you making the proper diagnosis of the problem. So, along with our products, by hiring a lawn care professional you’re also gaining access to our knowledge and expertise. In addition, we are seeing more products taken away from homeowner use, especially in terms of fungicides that help control diseases. As a result, product availability is becoming more restricted.

When do you normally start lawn care services in the spring?

We get started when the weather permits. Typically, this is around the beginning of March. It usually takes about 5 – 6 weeks to get all of our round 1 customers completed, so you can expect to see us sometime between Mar 1 and April 30 as long as the weather cooperates.

I had my first application of the season. Why do I have weeds?

The first application contains a granular fertilizer and a pre-emergent for crabgrass, foxtail and other summer weeds. Since broadleaf weed control is not a preventative, it is only effective when weeds have already germinated and are actively growing. We use a liquid weed control, normally applied with your second and subsequent applications, when the weather has warmed up enough to allow the broadleaf weed control to be effective.  Additionally, spraying the weeds the previous fall can greatly reduce the number of weeds you see in the spring.

How many applications of fertilizer do I need each year?

We use a slow-release granular fertilizer, which is why we recommend that you fertilize every 5 – 8 weeks to keep your lawn healthy and green. This generally works out to be about 5 applications per year.


Our Featured Reviews

Thank you for mowing our yard before my son’s graduation party. It looked great! It is the best that it has ever looked.

Shirley D.

— Mowing Customer
We have been customers for the past 3 years. We signed up with AllStar when we saw you treating our neighbor’s yard and we have not regretted it since.


— Fertilizer Customer


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